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Self-Drive Iceland: A Personalized Adventure

Discover the Land of Fire and Ice your way

As appealing as our private tours may be, you still prefer to travel Iceland like a lone ranger – we get it. Yet all the planning, searching, booking is… not really your cup of tea? Our Self-Drive Tour is your way to go. Designed for more independent travelers, this custom itinerary package will offer you the freedom to discover those stunning landscapes and hidden gems of Iceland on your terms, without all the hassle around organization. Buckle up and get ready for a journey where you’re not just a passenger – you’re the captain of your Icelandic adventure!

Your Journey, Your Rules

Let us take care of the details, making it easy for you to just enjoy the moment and focus on the breathtaking scenery. With a few essential information about your arrival in Iceland, places you’d like to visit, requirements and expectations, Icelandic Roamers will prepare a tailor-made plan of your upcoming journey. You can expect much more than just an itinerary…

What Sets Our Self-Drive Tours Apart?

Tailored to You

Our Self-Drive tours are all about making sure you have the absolute best time, tailored exactly to what you love. Your trip will reflect YOUR vibe and preferences – we’re not into the one-size-fits-all approach!

No Stress, All Fun

Forget the stress of planning – that’s our job. We’ll handle all the nitty-gritty details so you can just focus on having a blast. Whether you dream of chasing waterfalls or hiking through volcanic landscapes, we’ve got you covered.

Insider Tips

Our team is not just passionate about Iceland – we practically know it like the back of our hand. Tap into our local expertise to uncover those hidden gems and secret spots that’ll make your trip unforgettable.

All-Inclusive Packages

When we say all-inclusive, we mean it! Your Self-Drive Tour with Icelandic Roamers covers litterally everything you’d normally have to take care of yourself. Here’s what you get:

  • A customized itinerary: your own Icelandic adventure with each day planned from A to Z.
  • All accommodation bookings: handpicked accommodations based on your preferences and comfort standards, with the best pricess guaranteed.
  • Car Rentals: a reliable and comfortable vehicle for your entire stay, equipped for Iceland’s diverse landscapes.
  • Expert Guidance: benefit from our local insights and 24/7 support throughout your journey.
  • Optional activities: choose from a range of optional activities, such as guided snowmobile tours, thrilling glacier hikes, fun horse riding or a relaxing day in a geothermal spa and we’ll arrange it for you.


Get your dream Iceland itinerary in just 4 steps!

How it Works

Fill in the form > let us do the work > review and request changes if need be > approve and… hit the road!

How may the fully customized and detailed plan of your upcoming adventure look like?

An example itinerary we give you:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Self-Drive Tour work in a nutshell?

Once you purchase your package, we’re booking everything for you – car rental, hotels and activities.
The only thing you have to worry about is FOOD but don’t worry, we get some great recommendations for you in all areas you’ll be travelling to! You’ll pick-up your car straight from the airport (unless you have different preferences) and then follow the itinerary that was prepared for you 🙂 

How big the group can be?

There’s no maximum number of people for creating an itinerary. Depending on the car there can be a maximum of 9 people per car. Who doesn’t like to drive in a convoy?! [tu coś mi nie gra gramatycznie z tym zdaniem Miro ;)]

How much does a Self-Drive Tour cost and what’s included in the package?

Pricing depends on many factors, please fill in the form so we can know your needs better. The itinerary you get can always be modified afterwards, whenever you decide you’d like to spend a bit less (or more).

Will you book the flights for me as well?

Unfortunately not, you have to book the flights for yourself.

Can I choose my travel dates?

Of course! Our itineraries are CUSTOM created for you, you can pick literally any dates 🙂

What kind of accommodation do you offer?

We’re offering all types of accommodation, depending on your interest and budget. It can be a farmhouse, but we can also book luxury lodges in the middle of nowhere so you could completely disconnect.
Among others we can also offer comfortable hotels, luxury hotels, guesthouses, lodges & cottages.

How can I request and book a Self-Drive tour with Icelandic Roamers?

The most important is to fill our form so we can know what’s in your interest, then one of our representatives will reach out to you with itinerary proposal that you can either agree on or request changes. Once everything is confirmed, we’ll request the payment and then book everything for you. 

How far in advance should I book my trip?

It’s always best to book as early as possible. Iceland is a small country but a very trendy tourist destination, so you may find many hotels fully booked when trying to make last minute reservations.

Do I need to stick to the itinerary?

Yes, and no. You don’t have to visit all the places included in your itinerary but you should make it to the hotel that was originally booked for you.

Can I customize my trip?

All of our itineraries are curated specifically for you. That’s why it’s important to give us as many details as possible before we create your itinerary.  Change of hotel or activities is not possible once you arrive to Iceland.

Do I need a special permit to drive in Iceland? What kind of license is required?

Most people won’t need a permit to drive in Iceland. You just need to have held your driver’s license for at least 1 year at the time of rental. Also, you need to be at least 20 years old, or 23 years old to hire a jeep or van.  If your license is in a non-Latin script, such as Chinese or Arabic, you will need to apply for an international driving permit in your home country.  [to wyedutuje jeszcze]

How will I manage the bookings?

In your itinerary as well as to your email we’ll send all ticket bookings. Once you show up in the hotel, rental or activity you’ll have to show the ticket that was provided by us.

When and how will I receive my travel documents?

Once you’ll complete the payment, we’ll book everything for you within the next 72h. You’ll get all informations and tickets via email.

When and where can I pick up the vehicle?

You’ll pick up the car at the airport right after you arrive to Iceland. 

What to pack for my trip to Iceland?

 In Iceland, you can expect all weathers no matter what time of year you visit. With that in mind, it’s good to make sure you’ve got everything you need to stay cozy, warm, and dry.  Here’s a packing list to help you get ready for your trip:  Tough, waterproof walking boots Thermal underlayers Sweaters or fleeces Waterproof raincoat Warm winter jacket Scarf, hat, and gloves Sunglasses Swimwear (for pools and hot springs) Lip salve and moisturizer. [tu również wyedytuję]

Why Choose Icelandic Roamers?

Passionate Experts

We’re not just planners; we’re fellow adventurers passionate about sharing the beauty of Iceland.


Our Self-Drive tours are designed to accommodate your pace and interests. Take detours, linger longer – the road is yours.

Exclusive Rates

Enjoy preferred rates on accommodations and car rentals, ensuring you get the most value from your adventure.

Effortless Adventure

We handle the logistics so you can focus on making memories. No stress, just exploration.

Start your Self-Drive Adventure today!

Ready to embrace the open road and uncover the wonders of Iceland? Fill out our form, and let’s embark on a journey tailored just for you. If you have any questions, our team is here to help. Let’s make your Icelandic Roamers adventure unforgettable!

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