Miroslaw Tran

Founder | Guide | Photographer


Miroslaw, or just Miro

Born and raised in Poland, living in Iceland since 2017, Miro has always been passionate about traveling and photography. His hitchhiking trip through 12 countries from Poland to Vietnam was picked by the National Geographic magazine for the NG Traveler of the Year 2017 awards. His photographs were featured in some of the most prestigious magazines, such as: National Geographic Traveler, Digital Camera Poland, Unique Mag, Polska The Times and more.

Miro has been passionate about photography long before he started working as a commercial professional and nowadays he skillfully combines it with another passion: travelling. Needless to say, it gives him the opportunity to deeply explore Iceland in his dreamed off-roader: Land Rover Defender. 

In private you’d be surprised at how humble and modest a person Miro is. He enjoys simple pleasures in life, like coffee he can’t begin the day without. Mountains are the SPA for both his body and mind. He can cook like a pro. Does he have any vices? Well, does being too orderly and clean count?